Team Selling Approach

We have a good working solution to having a team selling approach.

  • There must be a “lead” designer assigned to each customer at all times.
  • The “lead” designer is the team member that “has the ball” on the client project.  This designer retains the “client card” and the specific activity as controlled by FP-CRM Client dashboard only.
  • The “lead” designer is specified by the customer maintenance “designer” field.

    New Interface For FP-Webmail

    New webmail interface

    Furniture-Pro Webmail now has a new look and feel!

    The login page for Furniture-Pro Webmail is very straight forward - simply enter your FP user name and password on the form and select your site code from the pull-down menu. Then click on the Login button.

    Once you are in the Groupware portal interface, click on Inbox on the left or Mail from the menu on the top and your messages will appear in the main screen to the right. Click on a message to read it in the lower screen or double-click to open it in a new window.

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