Team Selling Approach

We have a good working solution to having a team selling approach.

  • There must be a “lead” designer assigned to each customer at all times.
  • The “lead” designer is the team member that “has the ball” on the client project.  This designer retains the “client card” and the specific activity as controlled by FP-CRM Client dashboard only.
  • The “lead” designer is specified by the customer maintenance “designer” field.
  • FP-CRM client information is always valuable to any other designer or manager at any time by directly selecting the client in FP-CRM.
  • When other members of the team which can include project managers, can manage their next action step through the use of the General Tasks option from their dashboard.
  • “General Tasks” allow the designer or manager to schedule any type of “next action” and these can be associated with any customer.
  • “General Tasks” will show on their dashboard on the top line called PH/FX/Mail/TASK.
  • General Tasks are retained for future historical review.


New Feature:  Designer General Tasks

Designer General Task Menu has been added thru Designer Dashboard Additional Function.  Designer Can Schedule a Task such as Calls, Meetings and To-Do’s.  Designer can also view all Tasks or Scheduled Tasks, Print Daily Reports, Update Tasks etc.

Task Calendar Program allows Designer to view/print Scheduled Tasks by Date Range or for Current Date only.

Default Settings for Task Date:  Current Date

Default Settings for All Scheduled Task Option:  Y-Yes

Default Settings for Specify Date Range:  N-No

David R. Garfin
Furniture-Pro & NetPC-Pro